Agroroyal Piggery Farm(Investment Proposal)

AgroRoyal Piggery Farm
(Investment proposal)

 Breeding Stock
 Piglet Production
 Fattening
 Meat Processing
 Packaging

12th November, 2017

The Proposal.

AgroRoyal Engineering Limited is a hybrid agricultural company involve in indigenous design, fabrication, manufacturing and construction of farm equipment and building structures. This Piggery will be part of AgroRoyal Integrated Farm. The Initial plan is to stock 530 Pigs of different categories. Within the first 18month cycle the facility would have held about 4,222 pigs. The Facility will kick off with Four Pig houses each having 30 Standard pens and 4 Large pens . The plan is to be able to produce weaners and table size pigs throughout the year. The pen shall utilize modern drinkers, sprinklers and forger sprayer to cool the system.

This plan was originally put in place for a client but here adjusted for public consumption hence the breeding stock are not source from pure breed but from a hybrid of a commercial piggery stock.
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Table 1: Phase 1 Stocking Plan
Pig Type Quantity Price (N) Total(N)
1. Sow (in Sow) 60 60,000 3,600,000
2. Sow (dry Sow) 60 45,000 3,300,000
3. Gilt 240 25,000 6,000,000
4. Weaners 160 10,000 1,600,000
5. Stock Boar 10 70,000 850,000
TOTAL 530 15,350,000

Executive summary
AgroRoyal Piggery concept is a full intensive piggery. The plan is to build Four Poultry houses , bring in 60 pregnant sows, sixty matured sows, another 240 gilt and 160 weaners all female. The Only male stock shall be Ten high quality boars stock from a different farm. Initial cost of procuring stocking pigs would be about N15,350,000. Within Two months, the farm shall expect to harvest about 500 piglets and the synchronized next set would follow in another four month (500 or more piglets) post stocking. The annual turnover in terms of piglet production is about Thirty million naira from the sales of 3000 weaners and Thirty eight million from sales of grown out pigs (480 Pigs) yearly, Hence expected annual gross turnover is about N68,000,000 . The four pig building will each occupy 9meters by 63meters, having 30 standard pens and 4 large pens each at the cost of N12,765,000 . There will be a suck away pit for sewage drainage and double manure pit. All buildings connected to an over head water system. Total cost for the construction of the pens, including the cost of plumbing, the nipple system, fogger system, drainages and plumbing is N51,048,000. The cost of constructing waste disposal system N478,000 and cost of constructing the store , feed processing house is N1,340,000 hence total construction cost is N52,866,000, Budget for feed in the first year feeding N24,000,000. Grand total budget till the farm break even is N87,216,000. Note: By the second year when the farm has break even we would have the following in the farm:

Table 2: Expected stock and output value First 18 months
Types of Pig Quantity p.a Price(N) Total p.a(N)
1. Weaners 3,180 10,000 31,800,000
2. Fattened Pig 672 60,000 40,320,000
3. Stock ( Sows/Boars) 370 80,000 29,600,000
TOTAL 4,222 101,720,000

Note: Intial stock was 530 pigs and by a year and half, the expected stock turn over will be 4,222

This project essentially is to incorporate a piggery section to the farm. It is expected that the piggery section with its high potential for quick return will rapidly blossom and break even expanding to Four thousand Pig farm capacity in the second year incorporating 32 similar building and producing up to 34 thousand pigs in a year or about 600 pigs per week. This prospect would place AgroRoyal piggery as a big player in the industry with about 6% market share in the state. Note that achieving this would entail injecting additional N400.million on infrastructure; stock could be generated from the farm. Profit at this expected stage would be about N192.Million annually.

AgroRoyal Piggery will commence operation with the construction of four Pig houses, a feed house and suck away pit. House 1 will hold 120 Sows, (60 in-sow and 60 dry sows), these shall occupy the 30 standard pens leaving the 4 big pens empty. Within two months, the sows begin to farrow. The other 60 dry sows shall be synchronized to come on heat in group and are accordingly serviced. Ten high quality boars will be utilized for service. Piglet will be weaned between 4 to 8 weeks depending on liter size. Piglets while with the sow, their food is supplemented via creep feeding. (A creep feeder is incorporated in the building of all standard pens). Once a set is weaned, the sows are transferred to the big pen where they stay in group of seven or eight and are synchronized, flushed and serviced. House 2 and House 3 will house the gilt, two per pen. The gilt are raised to sexual maturity , synchronized and serviced in group similar to House 1. House 4 will house the pigs kept for fattening. Male here are castrated, the House would hold between 160 to 168 pigs at each point in time. This house can keep 4 sets in a year while Houses 1,2 and 3 will have the sows produce two sets of piglets per year. Animals from the farm are sold as weaners or adults for slaughter.

The farm can be expanded to 4000 animals with the introduction of 28 additional similar Pig Houses in the second year. Pork, beacon etc could be processed from this farm. Biogas could be produced from the animal dung. High quality Boar semen could be imported from France and utilized for artificial insemination and production of good piglets. The demand for pig and it’s by product is always on the increase.

3.0 Feed and Feeding
Table 3: Components of milled Pig feed
Feed type Price/ton (N)
1. Maize 183,000
2. Soya (full fat) 180,000
3. Spent Grain 1,500
4 Palm kernel cake 50,000
5 Blood meal 300,000
6 Trace element/vitamins
Other feed
AgroRoyal piggery shall maximally utilized the land to produce supplementary food for the pig to substantially reduce the cost of feed. The following would be produced in the farm or cheaply obtained from the surrounding.
a. Potato leave or tubers: Pigs relished potatoes either cooked or raw. This would be farmed around the wet portion of the land all year round.
b. Cassave pills and tubers. Could be used to supplement energy. All cassava product for pigs must undergo fermentation and cooked.
c. Banana and plantain stems: These stems could be obtain free or at a little cost from plantations, sprinkled with salt and served to pigs raw or cooked
d. Water leaves and other vegetable. All edible vegetables are consumable to pigs and a good source of vitamin.
e. Leftover food: Garbage or Leftover food could be booked from big eateries, fruit market or farms. This is further examined and re cooked for feeding pigs.
Table 4: The Piggery farm should have the following capacity at different stages P.a

Weaners output
Live Pig Output
Process Pork


Pedigree Stock
2,000 4,000

3.2 Marketing and target market
Advertisement will be placed on social media, direct sales will be done by the marketer and the following shall be the target: Hotels, eateries, abattoirs, food companies, animal market and individuals .
Target cities: Enugu. Onitsha Awka, Benin, Owerri, Aba, Abakilike and other cities within Anambara, Edo, Enugu and Delta states

4.0 Possible Risk analysis
Pigs are very hardy and resistant to diseases but the following hazard should be taken seriously. These include Swine influenza, Erysipelas, Foot and Mouth disease and less devastating ones such as Lice, worm, exudative dermatitis, cocccidioses, salmonelloses, swine dysentery, and other bacteria infections.
Disease prevention measure include proper waste disposal, hygiene, proper aeration and ventilation, and application of biosecurity measures such as not permitting other animals or animal handlers access to the pigs or even the farm. As the farm expand, a veterinarian should be employed to maintain Preventive measures and optimal health condition.
4.1 Other risks
These include theft, mismanagement, fire outbreak, natural disasters, civil disturbances etc can all lead to farm failure. Insurance policies should be put in place for livestock and equipment.

 Experts shall be employed
 Specialized foreign companies shall be engaged
 Consultancy utilized throughout to ensure success
 Insurance shall be put in place too
 Financial management shall be professional.

A handbook on farm management from FAO shall be attached as an attachment. A cash flow and profit and loss will be attached as an attachment. From every indices and data on ground, piggery farming is a profitable venture.
16.0 Disclaimer
Figures employed in writing this plan are correct based on available data at the time of the press. Note that the market is very dynamic, call us always for a fresh plan based on your resources.

Dr Paul Oche Adoyi.

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